About Gail Reynolds

Why am I here?

To open up the possibility for you to see past what you have now and what is possible in your future.

It’s not going to be about me, it’s all about you!

I simply want to be part of your journey. YOU inspire me.  YOU make me believe I can make a difference. I just want to share my knowledge and experience with you as a Millionaire Mum in business and see if WE can make a difference together.  It’s all about sharing knowledge, experience and enthusiasm and I have plenty to give!

How will we make it work?

By working together my vision and mission is to enable me to enable you to search for blogs that may have the answers to your business questions.  And to get the answers from a real, honest point of view and someone that has been there and done it!  From where the truth is only going to be shared and from where you can build your own knowledge base and begin building your Million Pound empire too. If I can do it, so can you!

So, if you would like to share your journey with me it would be great to have your feedback on my blogs that touch and resonate with you the most!  Simply leave me your points of view and your questions and let’s start building your successful business together!  

What is Gail Reynolds here for?

I am going to share all I’ve learned and experienced since starting my own business in 2002.  I hope to Inspire, encourage and motivate you to be your very best at everything you do.  I intend to walk alongside you in your journey by discussing, chatting and sharing everything I know. All you need to do is ask for help and advice aswel as share yours too.  We can both do that by being part of the blogs and forming a friendship and a bond that will grow in strength and respect over time.  I can’t wait to meet you and start our journey together.

Who am I?

Finding out about Gail Reynolds is easy.  I’m a mom to 3 kids, Ashleigh, Libby and Rosie, a wife to Brian and we have three dogs and a cat too.

I’m an Award Winning Author of the Book ‘Mum’s The Word’ and I have co-authored in a book with 22 other world wide successful Avon leaders in a book called A view from the top.

I’m also the one of the UK’s 1st MLM Millionaires, Expert Leaders, Coach, Mentor and Trainer to over 2500 team members and with an annual turnover of more than £7.5 Million.

I am also an Award winning author for my book Mum’s the word.

I’ve traveled the world and become an International Transformational Speaker too.

I have always had something to say; all you have to do is listen;

“Negative thoughts and pessimistic thinking is a dis-ease within your own mind that only YOU can change. I will help you discover your Purpose driven life and your Personal Core Values in order for you to live a more successful, happy and fulfilling life and business. I wasn’t shown this, I didn’t read it in a book, watch it on a video or hear it from a friend.  I just knew I wanted to be happy in my work aswel as in my relationships at home, so I worked on friendships within my business 1st and that is where the MAGIC  began!” Gail Reynolds

This site will benefit anyone in business today, aswel as those thinking of going into business tomorrow!

This site and blog has a No Nonsense – Straight Talking – Honest – Giving & Sharing policy

With both Hard working ethics & high standard Values 

  • No Sales Pitches
  • No advertising
  • No Gimmicks

A friendly & easy going place for you to Learn, share & expand your knowledge, I offer one on one Mentoring and Coaching aswel as Keynote and Guest speaking.

With over 16 years of knowledge & experience within the MLM Industry & a mum to 3 children I believe anyone can live a Rich & Fulfilled life. I want to share with you my experience & knowledge on how you too can build a Multi Million Pound business with your very own personal skill sets & some innovative & creative thought processes.

I personally have built a team of thousands of men and women & hundreds of those have gone on to become extremely successful leaders.  It’s time someone gave back and began to share that knowledge with you too, and that time is now and that someone is me m:-)

Can’t wait to see your views and questions on my blogs xx