About Gail Reynolds

Why am I here?

I want to be part of your journey. YOU inspire me.  YOU make me believe I can make a difference. So let me share my knowledge and experience with you as a Millionaire Mum in business and see if WE can make a difference in your business.  It’s not all about Gail Reynolds, it’s all about you.

How will we make it work?

Since 2002 I had not found a place where I could chat with like minded women that needed a friend, a helping hand and maybe some advice on how to juggle the family finances to make my business succeed.  Or maybe somewhere I could ask questions like “how do successful women motivate themselves when they work from home?” Or, “should I do the chores first before I make my business calls?”  So, by creating this website it will enable me to enable you.  Joining the Working womens’ forum is for you to feel comfortable and at home with other women that are inspired enough to want to become a success and are willing to let me be part of their journey.

So, if you would like to share your journey with me it would be an honour to be along side you.

What am I here for?

I am going to share all I’ve learned and experienced since starting my own business in 2002.  I hope to Inspire, encourage and motivate you to be your very best at everything you do.  I intend to walk along side you in your journey by discussing, chatting and sharing everything I know and have achieved over the years as a business woman, a mom and a wife.  All you need to do is ask for help and advice aswel as share it too.  We can both do that by being part of the Working Womens’ forum and forming a friendship and a bond that will grow in strength and respect over time.  I can’t wait to meet you and start our journey together.

Who am I?

Finding out about Gail Reynolds is easy.  You’ll see I’m simply a mom to 3 kids, a wife to Brian and we have two dogs and a cat.

I’m an Award Winning Author of the Book ‘Mum’s The Word’.

And an MLM Millionaire, Expert Leader, coach and trainer to over 2500 team members and with an annual turnover of more than £7.5 Million

I’ve traveled the world and become an International Motivational Speaker – I have always had something to say; all you have to do is listen;

“Negative thoughts and pessimistic thinking is a disease within your own mind that only YOU can change. Motivation, passion, enthusiasm and inspiration are what people need to hear.  People need to be shown how to reprogram themselves into thinking about what they can do rather than what they can’t do, and be grateful for what they do have rather than what they don’t have.  It all begins with a simple step, SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKE MINDED PEOPLE  and watch the magic begin!” Gail Reynolds

This site will benefit all Network Marketing, Multi-Level-Marketing, Party Planning & the Direct Selling Industries aswel as small businesses and work from home women too.

A few questions you may want to ask;

  • Who will you meet here on the site? Home Working, Self Employed women & mums’ that work within the Multi-Level-Marketing, Network Marketing & Direct Selling industries.
  • What will you get from the site? Creative & Innovative Networking & business building ideas, as-well as books, newsletters and free resources to help grow your business and expertise.  Also watch this space as we will be putting on exclusive members only Networking dinners, lunches and workshops.
  • Where will you find friends and like minded women? Within the Working Womens’ Forum your will find a sharing & caring community of Women & Mums’ in business just like you.  Our unique community offers you the ability to Connect & Communicate for for FREE & begin to build your very own personal and business profile.
  • When will you be able to use the site freely?  As soon as you fill in the registration you can begin joining in on the topics, sharing ideas and gaining knowledge from the experts in the community.  You can also find a my Award winning book  Mum’s The Word that will inspire you to Think Big and Grow your business within hours!
  • Why should you join?  That’s easy… with Events, Blogs, Videos, Social Forums & motivational books all here on the Gail Reynolds website then you should really ask yourself Why Not?

This site has a No Nonsense – Straight Talking – Honest – Giving & Sharing policy.

With both Hard Working Ethics & Values for all Women & mums’ in Networking

  • No Sales Pitches
  • No advertising
  • No Gimmicks

A friendly & easy going place for you to Learn, Share & Expand your Network

With over 12 years of knowledge & experience within the MLM Industry & a mum to 3 children I believe any woman & mum can live a Rich & Fulfilled life. I want to share with you my experience & knowledge on how you too can build a Multi Million business with your very own personal skill sets & some innovative & creative thought processes.

I personally have built a team of thousands of recruits & hundreds of leaders, and have gained knowledge and experience within the MLM business that I am willing to share and give to anyone that is wanting the same success as me.

Can’t wait to see you over at the forum  xx

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