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A View From The Top eBook - PDF
A View From The Top is an inspiring and valuable tool to guide you to be more focused, more determined and more in action to build a thriving direct selling or entrepreneurial business.

About the eBooks Award Winning author – Gail Reynolds

It was August 2008, the room was still and you could  hear a pin drop. It was the award the entire room had been waiting for; The Team of the Year award. With over 6000 Leaders in contention for the title Gail knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but that year she had set herself a goal to achieve that award, and her fete was now in the hands of the company. Her team size and sales had rocketed to over 127% in growth that year. Gail had also put together exclusive training materials and simple to duplicate systems for her team of ever growing Leaders, but, had she done enough? This award wasn’t just about figures; this was about setting yourself apart from the rest and becoming a Leader of Leaders. Did the company think she was worthy of the ultimate award? She and her team of Leaders were about to find out…

“And the Team of the Year Award goes to…..Gail Reynolds” Gail recalls that moment as though it was yesterday; “Standing on that stage and lifting that award was and still is one of my proudest moments ever”

After achieving the award, sharing her experience, knowledge and expertise became a new passion and becoming an author was an obvious choice for Gail. Gail’s theory of mastering the art of success in business is simple and in all her books, interviews, audio’s and TV appearances.

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Award Winning Author - eBooks

Award Winning Author – eBooks