International Motivational Speaker

International Motivational Speaker

Gail is not only the £6 Million mum but she is now an International Motivational Speaker.  Gail explains “Public Speaking has always been one of my redeeming attributes. Since I was a child I have always wanted to be heard over and above my three brothers and sister. But, back then I never really had anything interesting to say.  Now is a different story though! My poor beginnings as a single parent with two children, living on benefits with no education and no job were never where I was meant to be. My story tells you how I took charge of my life and changed myself in order to change my situation. Since 2002 I have become an Award winning author and the UK’s Award winning Multi Level Marketing business and a Top 1% earner in the UK.

Discover the UK’s International Motivation Speaker Gail Reynolds

Gail says; “Now, I have something to say that will benefit thousands upon thousands of people and that is why I chose to become and International Motivational Speaker; all you have to do is listen, take notes and learn from my knowledge and experience.

Life’s too short to have ‘What if’s’ floating around in your head. Make a difference, listen to Gail’s heartfelt words and experience her journey of ups, downs, trials and tribulations. Hear a story that will change the way you think and feel and begin your life’s new journey today.”

“Negative thoughts and pessimistic thinking is a disease within your own mind that only YOU can change. Motivation, passion, enthusiasm and inspiration are what people need to hear. People need to be shown how to reprogram themselves into thinking about what they can do rather than what they can’t do, and be grateful for what they do have rather than what they don’t have.”

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