3 Ways to work smarter not harder

3 Ways to work smarter not harder

I always used to think this was not as easy at it sounded.  I mean, if I was smart to begin with then surely I was working smart already?

No, not the case.  Many people that work for themselves seem to think that if they are putting in 18 hours a day to their business then they are most definitely going to succeed. What is funny is that most of the 18 hours of work you put in a day could be done in half the time if only you thought about the “Smarter way of working”.

If you are like me and you are a mom at home trying to fit in the washing, ironing, school runs and swimming lessons, aswel as writing and placing your own business adverts, marketing campaigns and website designs.  Then you might feel like you are running around like a headless chicken!.

Working smarter could be your only solution?

SO how do we manage to work smarter and not harder?

I think it comes down to you as an individual.  But, I highly suspect that one of the reasons you decided to work for yourself was because you wanted to be your own boss and you simply hated being told what to do by someone else that was making a profit from your hard work! Right?

After 12 years as a self employed work at home mom I knew it was about making time work for me rather than me work for the time I had available.  Working smarter isn’t difficult, it just takes a few organisational skills, and again, if you are a mom you must be organised or else nothing would get done!

3 ways to work smarter





  1. Keep ONE diary for everything (both work chores and personal chores)
  2. Always priorities (the washing can wait until after office hours)
  3. Write your “To Do list” every single evening before you go to bed (this allows you to work smart with your time)

1.  Keep ONE diary for both work and personal chores

This you may already be doing, but you would be surprised just how many diaries a woman can have! A small pocket one for her handbag, a business one for her brief case, and let’s not forget the internet calendar we all keep via i Cloud or outlook express etc!  It really is easy to get yourself tied up in knots with your appointments and chores.  Keeping them all in one place will serve you well when you are working smarter not harder.

2.  Always priorities the washing can wait until after office hours.

Being an at home mom myself, this one was difficult for me to put into practice.  It’s not that I am house proud or anything like that, it’s just that I tend to see a job that needs doing and I get straight to it!  When you work for yourself this isn’t the best way to work smarter.  You need to ensure that any jobs that can be done with the kids at home and the TV blaring is done when nothing else matters!  Remember for your business to thrive you will need piece and quiet when you are talking to clients or other businesses over the phone, you need to remain as professional as ever when communicating with others within your business.

If you are like me and you need to travel too, then prioritising the house work over the day light hours is not a smart thing to do!  The chores will be there when you get home, the client may not wait if you put them off for the pile of ironing in the corner.

Having an harmonious family life and organised business life whilst at home is the only way to work smarter.

3.  Write your “To Do list” every single evening before you go to bed (this allows you to work smart with your time)

Truly, once you master this you will wonder how you survived without it.  My “To Do List” is my best friend.  I often write mine in my diary at the end of the day (Using ONE A4 page a diary is a great tip too).  By doing this, the minute I have got back from the school run I am focused on my day ahead.  I know if I come home from the school and begin putting the breakfast dishes away, it will take away valuable time from my working day light hours. So, I either do them whilst the kids are getting ready in the morning or give it away as a chore for the kids to do when they get home.  The latter is the best option as delegation is another key skill to working smarter not harder!

I hope you have enjoyed my simple tips on how to work smarter rather than harder.  Remember if you are like me and have a family to look after, these simple techniques will have you working the smartest you’ve ever worked.  With results that will follow too.

I would love to hear from you, so if you have anything to add to this blog or you would like to share your top tips for working smarter then please leave a comment below.  I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Belindalake39

    Brilliant Gail, so simple but brilliant! X

    • Hi Belinda
      Thanks, I think that we tend to over complicate things in business and if we just stripped it all back and thought about how simple we can keep things, we would all benefit from working smarter 🙂

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