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Finding a Great Coach Vs a Good Coach

Choosing a coach can be a minefield.  Knowing how a coach can get you from being ‘good’ at what you do to being ‘GREAT’ at what you do is all about their proven record, their history and their successes.

So, before you go any further ask yourself these 7 questions;

7 Questions to ask about a coach

  1. What experience do they have in my industry and as a business owner?
  2. Do they have the knowledge and expertise I need to get to the next level in my business?
  3. Can I trust they know what it takes to be successful?
  4. Are they easy to talk too?
  5. How long have they been in business?
  6. Where can I find out more about this coach and are they easily accessible?
  7. Would this coach’s success be what I want for myself and my business?

Choosing a great coach is all about YOU and finding out if they can provide you with what you need.  Make sure they can give you what no one else can or has done up to now.  You need to be clear about WHY you want coaching and WHAT can the coach can bring to the table.

DSA Direct seller of the year Gail Reynolds

DSA Direct seller of the year Gail Reynolds

My experience allows me to ask questions that other coaches wouldn’t think of asking.  Setting high expectations for myself means I will only give high quality coaching.  My Success since 2002 shows you that I have the accolades and the proof that I can coach you to great success too.

Who can I coach

Being in the Multi Level Marketing business encompasses so many skill sets within so many businesses from;

  • Direct selling
  • Party Plan
  • Online businesses
  • Work from home businesses
  • The entire Multi-Level Marketing industry
  • On and Offline sales
  • Recruitment 
  • Training & Development
  • Event planning
  • Start ups

Established since 2002 my business has grown from strength to strength, becoming one of the 1st Avon millionaires in the UK aswel as turning over more than £7 Million in 2017 and having more than 2500 Team members throughout the UK.

Learn all about Gail Reynolds UK MLM Millionaire

Gail Reynolds UK MLM Millionaire

I am unique because I have already achieved what you want to accomplish.  I have created, constructed and completed a £multi-million business myself and whilst coaching you I will give you the gift of my knowledge and expertise to ensure you do the same.

Creating a vision for your future is what my coaching techniques involve.  We will create a 5 year timeline with your vision, values and purpose at the core of it.  Your purpose will be the focus and your values will be at the core of your coaching.

problem solving

I can coach you with certainty, clarity, conviction and confidence, because I have been there, done it and am still doing it today!

coaching with certainty

If you want the type of coaching that can take you to the next level in your business then I know I can be that coach!

Let’s do this together, let’s create your better future.