DSA Awards

DSA Awards

Direct Seller of the Year Award

The Direct seller of the year award is one of the most prestigious and anticipated awards of the event.  With over 400,000 direct sellers in the UK alone the Direct Seller of the year award has to be every distributors dream to achieve.  To become a finalist is an honor but to win this accolade is something I have always aspired to achieve one day.

So, with my company Avon, putting me forward and nominating me after 11 years of dedicated service to my team and my business I was astounded to be told I had got through to the final 3 and I was invited to the entire event for the awards ceremony and gala dinner.

The evening cocktails started at 7pm and the recognition and awards ceremony began at 7-30pm.  So with my fancy frock on and a glass of wine in my hand I stood nervously awaiting for my category to be announced.

With the Avon team around me I was so excited to be able to say I was part of this amazing global company.  Soon my name was called out and I was asked to join the stage with the other 2 finalists for the Direct Seller of the year award 2013.  I was nervous and excited to be on stage for the most anticipated award of the evening.  Within minutes the Golden Envelope was opened and the winner announced….

The winner of the UK DSA Direct Seller of the year 2013 is…..

Gail Reynolds

DSA Direct Seller of the year award 2013 Gail Reynolds

Once my name was called out as the winner, I have to say I had a feeling of overwhelming gratitude.  I often have to say to people and remind myself “I am just a house wife that has goals and aspirations like anyone else.  I am not extra ordinary in any way”.  But, this award has given me even more determination and inspiration to continue to do what I have done since 2002 and shout from the roof tops about how wonderful the Direct Selling Industry really is.  The awards and recognition are all part of the journey, but my most treasured gifts from this industry is that of my own personal growth and being able to coach guide and develop others to go forward and achieve everything they have ever wanted within this amazing industry…

DSA Direct seller of the year Gail Reynolds

After 11 years in the direct selling industry and achieving many personal and work related goals I have to say that this one is one of the most memorable and I am humbled into being given this amazing accolade.  I love what I do, and I still wake up every morning knowing I have an amazing business opportunity to offer and I always say to myself every morning “Whose life can I help change for the better today”.  I am lucky to be in one of the most amazing industries of all time.

Gail Reynolds Direct Seller of the Year 2013



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