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From a single parent living in a council flat with 2 kids and claiming benefits, to becoming one of the UK’s most influential leaders within Direct Selling. With no business back ground, no qualifications when she left school and no knowledge of the industry she is now leading the way for thousands and thousands of others like her.  Gail Reynolds has built an empire of over 3500 team members.

With a massive annual turnover of £7 Million she has also trained, coached and developed hundreds of leaders and continues to build her MLM business from strength to strength. Amongst her army of Award Winning Team members she also has the honor of having the company’s highest number of Elite Presidents Club Members and an exclusive and duplicatable system that only Team GBR has access to.

Meet the Expert Leader In Multi-Level-Marketing, Network-Marketing, Direct-Selling and Work at home businesses

Gails Leadership skills are easily proven when you see her accomplishments, from cars to luxury holidays and remaining in the Top 1% of highest earners in the company since 2007.  “We are not born as leaders. We are simply born with attitude, personality and passion. What defines you as a leader isn’t your education or class, it’s your adaptability, your enthusiasm for success and your own self belief.” – Expert Leader, Gail Reynolds

Using her common sense, mothering instincts and solid family values Gail is now one of the leading experts within the Multi-Level-Marketing Industry and wants to share it all with you.

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People in the Network Marketing Industry are tough cookies, it isn’t an easy business to be a part of but it is the most rewarding.  The 3 key skill sets they all have in common are;




Everyone of them utilise these skill sets day in day out…

Let’s use them to their full capacity and let’s Rock the MLM Industry!

Award Winning Author

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