Keynote Speaker for Business Showcase South West

Keynote Speaker for Business Showcase South West

What an event to be a Keynote Speaker for!


Having arrived at the Huge Ashton Gate football stadium I was overwhelmed by the buzz and excitement from the exhibitors and the team running the show.  

It didn’t take me long to realise this was going to be a great way to meet new people and create new relationships.  With over 250 exhibitors and an expected 5000 delegates I was in for a busy day.

I feel so much passion for what I want to share with my audience I get incredibly nervous and thirsty before I go on, so drinking plenty of water (not vodka) helps settle my nerves!

Gail Reynolds BSSW

Once people started to come in and take a seat I was ready to deliver a life changing speech and have a bit of fun doing it too!

Gail Reynolds BSSW Stage

Talking about my life and how I managed to build a £Multi Million Pound business around 3 kids is quite empowering.  But when I share that I did it with no knowledge of running a business and no real Money Making agenda that’s when I seem to grab the audience’s attention.


This Keynote was no different to any other Keynote I have delivered.  Yet, it’s always a surprise to me at to just how many peoples live I can touch in just 30 minutes!  An even more sobering thought is that I can evoke enough emotion in someone to stand up after listening and announce that;

  1. They felt something
  2. They want to do something about that feeling
  3. They think differently to the way they came in   

WOW, now that is powerful stuff.  

Gail Reynolds Keynote Bio

I loved meeting all the wonderful people that came up to me after my speech and I would just like to give a huge thank you to the Business Showcase South West for having me as their Keynote speaker along with other speakers such as Rob Law the founder and CEO of Trunki, Mark Wright the winner of the apprentice 2016 and in partnership with Lord Sugar for his digital business Climb online, Martin Roberts from Homes under the Hammer, Ben Collins The Stig and Amy Golding the UK’s youngest Female CEO of a $100 Million company.  

I was also asked to be one of the two the Judges selected for the BSSW Best EXPO Stand.  It wasn’t an easy job, with over 250 stands to choose from but, myself and Patrick Cutliffe of Buzz Start were on a mission to find our winner.  

best expo award

And it was announced at the after party by Martin Roberts that N3 Display were our chosen winners.  

But that wasn’t it for us.  We had to drive back home to sunny Dorset to finish our day by celebrating our daughters 21st birthday with the family.  A meal for 23 family members at our local italian restaurant was the perfect ending to such a lovely day.

Our beautiful daughter Libby encouraged me to do the Keynote on such a special day (her 21st) because she also knows, that living by your Core Values and beliefs is what makes you successful in both business and in family life.   I managed to have the best of both worlds!  I managed to touch people’s lives and share my daughters 21st birthday with family and have lots of fun and laughter too.

I look forward to speaking again soon, because I know I can change lives with my message. 

I am available for national and international Keynote speaker assignments aswel as consultancy coaching and mentoring

For more information please simply email me direct at

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