Make Up Money by Gail Reynolds

Make Up Money by Gail Reynolds

Make Up MoneyMake Up Money By Gail Reynolds (Un-Published and has sold over 2000 copies)

This book was written in 2008 due to one of the most memorable moments in my life.

It all really began for me in 2008 as a Network Marketer.  I had been learning and aspiring to be the best that I could be within the MLM industry for 6 years within the UK Avon Cosmetics family.

The Team of the Year Award is one of the most prestigious awards there is to be won within the company, and we won it!

After 6 hard years of watching many others on the BIG stage, I decided it just had to be my time! And soon.

So, when a new comer won the award in 2007 I was jolted into reality and felt ashamed I hadn’t achieved such an award after all my hard work and effort.

Once I wrote the Book Make Up Money, i knew I had much more to give so I started a second book.  This time it was to be published.  It was not to make money though, the second book was to show other women, mums and people who work from home or an in the MLM Industry just how simple it can be.  But, what I didn’t want to write was how “Anyone can do it”….I don’t think anyone can! Because if that’s the case why isn’t everyone doing it!?

So, the MakeUpMoney Booklet is a simple and easy to read book that fits in your handbag or brief case.  Take it with you and catch a page or two on the bus, train or tube, or have it in your glove compartment in the car for when you are sitting waiting for the kids to come out of school.

Here is what a few others have had to say about the Booklet:

“Hi Gail – just got your book through the post…(MakeUpMoney) – have had a quick flick through and I’m inspired already! Great stuff! thanks! You inspire me! :D”DeborahMcleod 

“Thank you Gail received your ‘Make Up Money’ booklet via the post this morning. Great timing as I was standing to feel down as so many people said they could not come to my AVON pamper evening tonight and I was starting to think why did I bother setting up, but after reading your book I feel motivated again so thank you.”
Emma Dunbar

Hiya Gail,
Just thought I’d send you a quick message. I received your book last week and finally got time to sit down with it tonight and managed to get through the whole thing in one go. It’s a brilliant read and so simple as well. I have read other books but I struggle to relate it to me and my business. I’m already planning how to incorporate a lot of your ideas into my business to start to get the most out of myself and our sales leaders.”

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