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A great Mentor versus a good Mentor

In short a Great Mentor has been there and done it.  They’ve created something you want, something you desire.  It maybe  they’ve created wealth, happiness and a lifestyle you dream off.  However, to be a Great Mentor they need to be able to bare all the scars, share all the ups and downs and help you understand the value of their experiences. 

This will enable you to reproduce the same success they have acquired over the years.  They need to have the accolades, awards, distinction and kudos to prove it too.  I’m proud to announce I have been in business since 2002 and accumulated awards and accolades.  I have done it whilst bringing up a young family aswel as starting my business with no experience or knowledge whatsoever. 

So, if you are looking for greatness, then you need a Great Mentor to guide you to YOUR success.

Mentoring for me is about giving all of yourself to the mentee.  All you have endured, all you have become and all you want to be. 

To mentor others is a great responsibility and that’s why when I mentor others I encourage vulnerability and honesty so as to bring out the very best in every aspect of the mentees lives.  Albeit at home, work or leisure we need to have been there and done it as a mentor so we can relate, empathise and build others.  Mentoring, aiding, teaching and sharing with others how to overcome obstacles, conquer their fears and create a new future, a new lifestyle, a new outlook is why I believe I am a Great Mentor.

overcome conquer create

Mentoring others is a passion of mine and has been since I started my business back in 2002.  Allowing others into my personal space and creating a safe space for them to grow, learn and prosper is my main goal.

Being a Mentor and showing others a way through life’s ups and downs in business is incredibly rewarding too.  Being a part of YOUR journey through honest conversations and Care-Frontations (as I have been studying with Lisa Nichols) is life changing.  

Allow me to be your Mentor, your light and your inspiration to help get you over those walls, push past those barriers and build new stronger beliefs to live by. 

Who do I mentor?

I don’t care if you’re single, married, rich, poor, gay, straight, black white or pink with green spots!

4 generations of women

I mentor women, mums, single parents, teenagers, pensioners, that need guidance in the world of Direct Selling, Network Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing and business in general. 

Enabling them all to first find their Purpose and then, identify their Core Family Values.  Because once we discover these two little gems together, that’s when the Magic begins.  

Women CAN have it all!

The business, the financial freedom, the lifestyle and the family.

How do I Mentor?

Through my own life’s experiences I can share how I have battled against all the odds in the MLM Industry to become one of the UK’s 1st Millionaires in my company.  Turnover more than 7 Million Pound a year and do it without a single penny in my pocket, no qualifications from school and no business experience. 

I built a business from the ground up.  And I didn’t do it the ‘Traditional way’ either.  I didn’t rely on friends, family and work colleagues because I didn’t have any of them close by, and even if I did I wouldn’t have approached them anyway!  

I kept as far away from a ‘Warm list’ as I possibly could.

I didn’t start my business for money either.  I started my business to ‘Meet new people and make friends.’  It just so happens that by sticking to my core values and reasons for building my business that it grew exponentially.  

We will strip back all your reasons why you do what you do, all your core family values, your purpose in life  and in business, and once we have done that together, that’s when we can really create something special through my Mentoring and experiences.

I mentor with passion and belief in one thing…. “If I can do it, so can you!”  

I mentor you with conviction, with knowledge and with absolute certainty that we can work together and create a beautiful new future for you.  Ultimately our aim together should be so that you get to live out your own dreams and desires like I do every day.

Disney World the ultimate dreammeeting santa

For me Mentoring is about working together in partnership, finding out exactly what it is you want and being crystal clear about it.  Because when we do that, your life will change forever!

To find out more about how we can work together simply contact me at Mentoring Moments

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