Mirror work

Mirror work

“Mirror Mirror on the wall 

I am the fairest of them all!”

So, I am on a course with the amazing Lisa Nichols from Motivating the Masses that’s called Speak and Inspire and boy am I on a journey with this particular mirror work exercise.

This part of the course in particular is testing me daily!  It’s called the Mirror work, and it literally is YOU standing in the mirror every single day and making 3 statements.  And from each of those statements you have to say 7 things that resonate with you, 7 things that you feel about yourself, 7 things that you would have never said out loud before this course.

Mirror work and how it works!

It literally makes you feel like you are the Evil queen in the Snow white movie, standing in front of the magic mirror, only it isn’t really magic (or is it?)…

mirror mirror on the wall

This mirror work exercise has you asking yourself questions and being open and honest with your answers.  

The one that gets me the most is the the one where you look yourself square in the eyes and say “Gail, I am proud of you for….” and you have to think of 7 things that you are proud of yourselves for.

So, my question to you is, “Have you ever ever said out loud to yourself that you are proud of something you have accomplished?” 

It seems a bit odd at first and almost like we are bragging to ourselves and bigging ourselves up.  But it is the most powerful exercise I have ever done.  This exercise has you experiencing ‘self love’ like you have never experienced.  It has you on your tippie toes as Lisa often says in her amazing speeches.  It has you wanting to shout from the rooftops;

“I am amazing, I am worthy!”

7 Proud Proclamations

  • I am proud of myself for loving my children unconditionally. 
  • I am proud of myself for following my heart and being vulnerable to others. 
  • I am proud of myself for standing by my values, my integrity my purpose, no matter what it may cost me. 
  • I am proud of achieving great things within my business. 
  • I am proud of creating a safe home for my family. 
  • I am proud of losing 3 stone and maintaining my perfect weight.  
  • I am proud that I walked a marathon and raised over £200 for Breast cancer awareness.

What is wrong with this self confession, this love for oneself, this pride?  Absolutely nothing.  In Fact, what is right with this mirror exercise is, it builds you up in a way that NO ONE, anywhere, will ever be able to knock you down again.  It builds you up to a point of self awareness and self respect that you probably have never seen or felt before.  

So, I challenge you to try this exercise in the comfort of your own home and really push yourself to be proud and confident.  I will confess, when I first did this exercise I actually whispered to myself in the mirror! I didn’t like hearing my own voice stating my own achievements, but it didn’t last long!  Soon it became easy, and less challenging.  Now it feels like I am truly beginning to love myself and my accomplishments and everything I stand for.  Now I am getting to know me better, understanding why I feel the way I do about self worth and self development.  I once came across an amazing saying that has stayed with me ever since, yet I didn’t fully understand what it meant until I started this exercise;

fill your cup up first then give from your overflow

What are you waiting for?  Begin the Mirror work and fill your cup so full up until it overflows and allows you to share with others.  Creating a more confident and committed you, means you will always be able to give more of yourself to others.

This exercise will be part of my mentoring and coaching program, so if you feel moved by this blog in anyway, why not let me know, why not make a comment or get in touch?

Evoking emotions and encouraging you to find your core values and your true purpose is my mission. Let’s work together to create something amazing in you! 

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