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Speaking & being heard was always difficult for me since I was the eldest Granddaughter of over 81 Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren! But, back then I never really had anything interesting to say! Now is a totally different story though……

My poor beginnings as a single parent with two children, living on benefits with no education and no job were never where I was meant to be. My story tells you how I took charge of my life aged twenty-five and began to live a purpose driven life with strong core family values in order to change my situation. Since then, I have become an Award winning author for my how to book Mum’s the word and the UK’s Award winning Direct Selling team.  In fact, I was Awarded the Highest accolade there is. The ‘Direct Seller of the Year‘ was awarded to me by the UK DSA (Direct Selling Association) back in 2013, competing with almost half a Million Direct Sellers!

My business now turns over more than £6 Million a year.  I love Speaking about my Purpose driven life that lead me to great success inside and outside of my business.  I love reaching in to my audiences hearts and transforming their lives through my words and my journey. 

I have spoken in Brussels Parliament for entrepreneurial women and I have been a guest on TV for SKY – BBC – ITV and Local News Channels; aswel as Radio 5 Show me the money with Declan Curry. 

Over the years I have found people want to hear my story, my successes, my experience, my knowledge, but most of all they want to hear ‘how I did it’.  Speaking, Mentoring and Coaching others is now my life’s purpose and passion. To show, teach and share with YOU my journey and how YOU can build as rich a life as you intend too, through recognising your Purpose and understanding your own values.

Gail Reynolds says: 

“Living a Purpose driven life is what enabled my success.  Having Core family Values that I was not prepared to sacrifice for anyone or anything kept my feet on the ground and focus on my goal. 

I remained focused on my Purpose, to meet new people, make friends and be at home for my family.  My Core Family Values included; Hard Work, Fun and Laughter, Strength and Independence to stand alone at times, and having my non-negotiables set firmly in place to help me make those all important family and business decisions.  Being successful started and finished at home”

International Transformational Speaker Gail Reynolds has spoken in various places including – European Parliaments in Brussels, Live TV & Radio shows with BBC News & Sky TV and been in several National News papers and magazines.  Gail explains;

“Sharing my story, and speaking my truth has now become my purpose and passion. It’s the reason I get out of bed in the mornings and the reason I am possibly one of the happiest working mums alive. My type of Speaking is about sharing my knowledge and taking my audience on a journey. I talk with authenticity, honesty and integrity which allows my audience into my life and enables them to resonate with some of my experiences too. It’s about how you deal with life’s mishaps and situations, not the problems themselves. 

I share my darkest days and my most memorable moments along with my business knowledge and experience. I feel that in order to transform others beliefs and combat their fears and become what they aspire to be in life, I have to open up and let them into my life first. There are no secrets, I share everything!  It won’t be anything you have heard before though, so the audience need to be prepared!

Life’s too short to have ‘What if’s’ floating around in your head. Make a difference, listen to Gail’s heartfelt words and experience her journey of ups, downs, trials and tribulations. Hear a story that will change the way you think and feel and begin your life’s new journey today.  Purpose driven and strong Values are the key to a successful home and work life.  Gail proves it with her ultimate success and her passion to share it with us is transparent and authentic both on and off stage.

Gail Reynols

Award winning Book Mum’s the word is for women in business

Gail Reynolds – £6 Million Pound Mum!

In 1997 Gail found herself literally left battered and bruised ‘holding the baby’ for the 2nd time in her 25 years. A single Mum with 2 kids (Ashleigh and Libby) from 2 different fathers, living in a cramped council flat on income support. Gail knew she simply did not belong where she had ended up. With little education, no qualifications and no work experience, for anyones standards things simply could not get any worse. So, with no job, no confidence and very low self esteem Gail had her first moment of clarity and things were about to change for her and her family forever.

 Now being dubbed the £6 Million Pound Mum, award winning Author of Mum’s The Word & a Team Leader to thousands of Independent business owners throughout the UK life couldn’t be sweeter for Gail and her family. She is now married to Brian with 3 kids (including Rosie) living in a house she could only have dreamed of living in as a single parent.  Now driving around town in luxury cars she is now recognized as the ultimate business woman with a passion to help others succeed. Building a personalized duplicatable business model for her team, she has been one of the Top 1% earners in her MLM company since 2007, and since 2011 gail joined Great Britain’s Top 1% of earners.

“I aspire to inspire others worldwide” says Gail. She knows is if she can do it then anyone can, she listens to no excuses, expects plenty of action and most of all demands a strong belief that you can make things happen. Gail believes people can do whatever is necessary to become successful in their chosen paths if they simply know their purpose, their reasons why, and have strong Values to back it up.

Gail believes; “Your past should remain your past and should not be confused with what makes your future, your past does not define who you are today, only your actions in the present will define who you want to become.”

With a strong passion and determination in her early days for something better Gail now shares her life’s journey with her audiences everywhere. She say’s “I love to take my audience on a personal journey where they can identify parts of themselves and their lives with mine. It isn’t easy being a woman and mum with little or no direction, but once you find ‘Your Purpose’ then you are the only vehicle that will get you to your destination”.

Since 2002 Gail has built an incredible business that turns over £7 Million a year, but her passion is sharing her knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm with others. Giving something back is what makes her journey a successful one in Gail’s mind.

Some of Gails achievements are as follows:

• Gail’s Mum’s the Word book received an Honorary Mention at the London Book Festival Awards 2012 in the “How To” Category
• Co-Author of ‘A View From the Top‘ with another 20 World Wide Senior Executives within MLM
• Audio recordings with ‘Building Extraordinary British Businesses‘ Master class series
• Achiever of The Team of the Year 2008/09
• Silver Car Achiever 2010/11/12/13/14/15/16/17/18 A very proud owner of a Mercedes and Audi Q5 and a BMW 5 series

• Number 1 in the UK for Sales Growth, Team Growth and Earnings categories
• Winner of the Number 1 Trip to New York 2010
• Achiever of ALL Top 20 Holidays within her MLM business, including Monte Carlo, Berlin, Malta, New York, Prague, Majorca, Barcelona and many more…
• Top 1% of earners in the Company since 2007
• Top 1% of earners in Great Britain since 2011

Gail has had guest appearances on T.V shows and had numerous radio interviews with
• Radio 5 Live
• The Alan Titchmarsh show
• The Declan Curry show (as the Entrepreneur of the week)
• Sky News with Anna Jones

Gail has had the honor of meeting celebrities for her contribution to helping others within her business
• Reese Witherspoon
• Will Young
• Karren Brady
• CEO’s of Avon Cosmetics Andrea Jung and Sherilyn McCoy
• Dragons Den Deborah Meaden
• Sarah Brown

Gail is now working and consulting with business women such as
• Kanya King MBE and founder of the MOBO Awards
• Debbie Arnold and Caroline Sheridan of Looking Gorgeous

As a business entrepreneur, an author, mentor, motivational and inspirational speaker, she also specialises in recruitment and training, team building, branding, attraction marketing and consultancy.

If you would like to find out how you could hire Gail for your next event contact her here

The following book reviews are a tribute to Gail’s work ethics and the value of her Mum’s the Word paperback for those who would like to change their lives for the better, regardless of their past or present situation:

Many of my colleagues get close to throwing in the towel and giving up on their home business. If you ever get to the point of despair I must implore you to pick up this book. Your vision and desire will be re-ignited to new levels. Your belief in yourself and your venture will be alive once more and with new found enthusiasm your team /colleagues can and will help you towards your goals and riches. Great reading and thought-provoking! Mr B.
I started in the same business as Gail a year ago due to the threat of redundancies at work, knowing I needed to protect our income and knowing how few jobs are about. The option of working from home, setting your own hours and increasing your income was very appealing! I have a semi-successful business now, but having read this book I have learnt a lot from Gail who is at the top of the earnings ladder and have much to think about and plans to implement to make my business much more successful! Gail is an inspiration, a great leader and if you want to take control of your options in life, she shows you how. I’d recommend it as a book for anyone who wants to run their own business, thanks Gail for sharing!
– Julia Thomas

You will not be disappointed….. Gail has built up her business up over 9 years. She has the knowledge, leadership skills and positive attitude, which is, if she can do it, YOU CAN TOO!!!!
– Dawn in Dorset

Confession time: I’m not a mum, I’m a dad! Mum’s the Word is a light-hearted book with a strong message. The author takes you on a journey from humble beginnings to a successful and flourishing business, and manages to inspire without becoming ‘preachy’. I read the book in a couple of hours. It’s a good read that proves what is possible to anybody who has the passion and desire to actually go out and make something of themselves, instead of just dreaming about it. it’s also great to pick up when you’re having a bad day as it offers you the motivation to keep going, and that things can (and do) get better. The author has clearly put a lot of herself and her family into this book with the result that you feel that you’re having a chat with a friend over a coffee. And because the text isn’t stuffy in the way that some other business books can be, the mood is light and cheerful throughout. The only problem is that you will be left wanting more! I certainly was! (Although I hear there’s a sequel in the works…)

I bought this book for my daughter at her request for xmas. She is a mum, works part time and has another little job which she enjoys and wants to make this her main job so she can give up her part time job which she doesn’t particularly enjoy. This little book mum’s the word is written by a mother who started off single, living on benefits and how she managed to bring herself to start her own business. It is a book with plenty of very useful tips on how to go about starting your own business and how to keep it going. She now finds she can find more time to spend with her children and has since got married. One of her small daughter’s has also contributed small snippets to the book. I have partly read the book and found it an enjoyable read as has my daughter who is still reading it and I am sure she will find plenty of food for thought in this book to help her in setting up her own business and how to do well in it. I would recommend this little book.
– Marie Delicata-Bennett

Gail is available for international speaker assignments and for guest appearances.

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