Purpose driven Vs Money driven

Purpose driven Vs Money driven

Yes, I said it… Purpose Driven Vs Money Driven!

What is your purpose and does it drive you in everyday life aswel as your business life?

Have you discovered your purpose yet?

Maybe take a minute to listen and watch to my story of building a Multi Million Pound Business with a Purpose of simply “Meeting new people and being at home for my kids”!

Yep, that’s it… My purpose was to meet new people and I managed to make over 2500 friends along the way too!
My moto has always been, “Friends 1st!”….


In a world of constant change, constant insecurities and constant stress of knowing how others have made it to the top, one thing will always remain true to my heart!  I have always loved loved loved, meeting new people and inadvertently changing their lives with my personal purpose.  That has remained my Purpose since 2002 and today I have the luxury of a time freedom.  A lifestyle that allows me to spend time with my family, whenever and wherever I want.

How can a Purpose Driven Vs Money Driven life create wealth?

To live a Purpose driven Vs Money driven lifestyle you have to be true to yourself and authentic in your purpose.  Not everyone can do it, as some people have always been money driven, and some have been very successful with money as a driver.  However, that is not my case, that is not my story, and that is not how it worked out for me.

Trust me when I say, the money is great, I appreciate what hard work, long hours and dedication it took to create the wealth, but I know what it was that created the wealth and it wasn’t making money! It was making friends!

Friends first

These are just some of the beautiful friends I have met on my journey.  They will remain friends long after business finishes (if that was ever the case) and it is leading my Purpose driven life that lead me to huge success.  I wanted to share my experiences with YOU to help encourage and evoke an emotion you may not have had before? To create a different kind of thought process that takes you away from ‘Thinking money’ each and every day you wake up in business!

What would your business look like if your focus was disrupted, and you decided to change from being Money Driven to Purpose driven?

purpose driven vs money driven

What would your purpose actually be?

I would love to know your thoughts and how you felt after watching the video.  Perhaps share how your business life or family life may have been  suffering due to the undeniable focus on money.  Creating a Purpose driven life Vs a Money driven life will seriously change how others see you and feel about you.  Try it, I dare you! 🙂

Gail Reynolds Mentoring Moments

            Gail Reynolds Mentoring Moments

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