Seekers News

Seekers News

Seekers news is on it’s 3rd publication and I was honored for my story (The Six Million Pound Mum)to become a featured article within the 1st few pages.

When I met Steve, it was to do the photos for the article.  He came over to my home in Weymouth and we got on immediately!

I knew my story and article was going to be put together by a team at Seekers that knew exactly where I was coming from.

Mum’s are experts on negotiation, encouragement and setting incentive’s for their kids, all I have done is incorporate those skill sets into my business.

Reading through my article may help you see how I take a different look upon the MLM industry and maybe not do the same old tested and tried formulas they may recommend in the Network Marketing industry.

Take a look at this beautiful magazine and invest some of your TIME flicking through and reading about some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Britain today.

My personal story is about how a none educated housewife can become a success in her own rights.

If you didn’t know I wrote a book about my journey and how it can help you with your business today.

It covers really simple tips and techniques on how to use your mum skills to build a multi million pound business

You can also read a sneak preview of my book here…


  1. Natalie Collinson

    A fabulous article and another great reminder of the wonderful industry that we are in.
    Congratulations on such a lovely feature!

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