Success looks like a school blazer

Success looks like a school blazer

Yes, that’s right, it also….

Feels like a hug and 

Sounds like a “Thanks Mom”

It isn’t hard to understand but most people wouldn’t associate any of this with success.  Perhaps a Brand new car sounds more successful?  Or a 1st class trip around the world, or maybe  a few Million in the bank?  Well, I have news for those of you that are searching for success.  You probably have it already, but don’t see it, feel it or hear it. 

I would like to challenge you today to take a long hard look at your surroundings, the people you have in your life, the environment you live in perhaps, or the health you enjoy?  Do these thing that not equal success?

This 3 minute video will show you another way to view success…


Having come from a very poor and hard working back ground, I know just how easy it is to look at someone elses life and feel like it’s unfair as to just how much success they have and you don’t.  The cars, the holidays, the money in the bank, surely that is what success looks like?

Having started my business back in 2002, to simply meet new people and be at home for the kids, I can honestly say I reached success relatively early.  Within 5 months to be exact.  But, and this is a BIG BUT

The ‘Feeling’ I got from that small success of being able to quit my job and be at home for my kids is the same feeling I got when I was delivered my BMW 5 Series!  Yep, and that is the God’s honest truth!  Because success is a feeling.  Success is the emotional connection you have when you achieve your final destination of the goal.  So, whether it’s buying a brand new blazer or a brand new car, your feelings are what makes it successful.

I would love to hear what  your success looks like, feels like and sounds like so simply leave a comment or come on over to our growing FB Group called Mentoring Moments with Gail Reynolds

success looks like a school blazer

There are also more short videos for you to watch and ponder over, on my YouTube Channel Mentoring Moments with Gail Reynolds

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