Talk about a Positive Mindset!

My Mum Says… Talk about a Positive Mindset!

On Saturday the 28th of January 2012 I was invited along to the PartyPlanGuru Exhibition to talk to the delegates about The secrets to my success.

I hope I didn’t disappoint anyone on the day as in my humble opinion I don’t believe there are any secrets in your business success, just common sense, the genuine want to help people/customers and a Positive Mindset.

My talk began with a little history of me and what kind of girl I was and what type of woman I have grown into.

From a Working Class background and the eldest grand daughter of 52 Grand children life was never ever dull.  At the age of 15 I left school with no qualifications and began a twilight shift on a hand press in the local factory with my mum, nan, and aunties.

At aged 19 I had my 1st child Ashleigh, aged 25 I had Libby my 2nd little bundle of fluff!…It wasn’t so great though, the relationship was an abusive one and I was on income support in a council flat with no prospects.  I didn’t drive and I was put into a pigeon hole of being a single parent with 2 kids of 2 different dads and no chance of getting out of it…Or did I?

So, make yourself a coffee and sit back for a few minutes and see how this story ended with me running a business worth a yearly £6 Million turnover….

Believe me, if I can accomplish this so can you! x

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