Women of Spirit

Women of Spirit


Living a life with low self-worth can have disastrous consequences on the choices we make: I know this only too well. My work with Women of Spirit, supporting and enabling women towards self-empowerment, has led me to see the importance of this task. To further and underpin this work, we need the support from those who are not only able to give financial support, but also engage in our key tasks. The following website will provide the information and details to support and underpin this corporate message: https://www.womenofspirit.co.uk

THE BOOK – Women of spirit

Front cover of women of spiritStorytelling is one of the many things that define and bind our humanity. The Women of Spirit book provides a vehicle for the voices of some 21 women to showcase their journeys to self-empowerment. These stories are inspiring and will certainly resonate with those who experience such challenges: while the book highlights the sense of isolation, it also demonstrates the women’s optimism of finding a way forward towards a better and more fulfilled life.


This is due to be published in October 2018. Participants continue to be women who are excited about sharing their stories and keen to support our speaking engagements and workshops, for example:

Gail Reynolds: From a single parent living in a council flat with 2 young children and claiming benefits, Gail has become one of the UK’s most influential leaders of our time. With no business back ground, no qualifications when she left school and no knowledge of the industry she entered, Gail built an empire of over 2500 team members, building a massive annual turnover of over six million pounds. Gail has pioneered training programmes, developed niche coaching skills and mentored thousands of women who have gone on to be successful entrepreneurs like herself.

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Gail’s book ‘Mum’s the Word’ gained her another accolade as an award-winning author at the London Book Festival awards. She was a Keynote Speaker in Brussels Parliament and has represented European Entrepreneurial Women in business. Her passion for helping other women reach their full potential absolutely matches the Women of Spirit mission.

Rosalyn Boyce: Rosalyn was raped and tortured by a serial rapist who had been released from prison for a similar crime six months previously. He was given three life sentences for the attack on Rosalyn. Later she decided that the rape was one of the many things that had to be integrated into the person whom she is now, rather than the damaged person she had been. In 2014 she met her attacker in prison and offered him her forgiveness. Rosalyn is an Ambassador for ‘Why Me?’, a restorative justice charity, and a member of the Victim Commissioner’s Reference Group, under which the Parole Board operates. Rosalyn speaks out and in doing so inspires women to know that they have a choice. Her courage is a great example and completely aligns with the Women of Spirit movement.


How do we intend to facilitate this support for women?
My presentations encompass my work as a photographer and woman of spirit, and reflect my heartfelt passion that all women deserve to feel empowered and beautiful.

Attendees learn about women’s diverse journeys through challenge and adversity and how they found ways to thrive. Stunning boudoir images are viewed while attendees learn that body confidence comes from within. Tips for self-love and the art of indulgence enable attendees to leave the event with a little more spring in their step!

Drawing on my personal and professional experiences, my purpose is for women to know their real worth and to encourage them towards self-empowerment.


Women of spirit retreatsAward-winning life female empowerment coach Helen Courtney and I have created a unique one-day retreat based on the first chapter in the book, ‘The Road to Self Love’. Learning powerful energy clearing techniques, attendees will be enabled to transform self-limiting beliefs and sub-conscious blocks, becoming emotionally resilient, resourceful and in control of their lives.

You will find more about Susie Mackie and her new movement here:



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