Yeovil Womens day

Yeovil Womens day

Yeovil Womens day is celebrating the passing of the Representation of People Act 1918

Women in the UK Vote for the first time!

Albeit you had to be 30 years old and own a property, it still meant more than 8.5Million women could vote for the first time in history.

On June 2nd 2018 I am celebrating at the Yeovil womens day by delivering my Keynote speech with 8 other women.  My keynote speech will bring to life exactly what this passing of the Representation of people act really means to our generation today.  Bringing women together 100 years later to celebrate and encourage their future success is of great importance to me.

Come along to

Yeovil Baptist Church, 8 South Street, Yeovil, BA20 1ND

12pm to 4pm

Yeovil womens day

I have 2 beautiful daughters of my own aswel as a son, and they all know the importance of standing up for what they believe in, no matter how high the odds are stacked against them.  Bringing them up as a single parent for many years was a struggle in itself, but teaching them that Family Values and a purpose driven life is worth more than money in the bank or cars on the drive.  Following my purpose with them in mind is what has developed them into the strong, independent young adults they are today!

my 3 kids

It has been through sheer grit, determination and understanding of my own purpose and values that got me to the success I enjoy today .  That is why I am passionate about sharing my story with other women who feel they cannot, should not, or may not succeed.  Following your dreams, despite fear of failure, lack of courage and or confidence is what I aspire to enable you to see, through my journey and my choices.

It is almost 105 years to the day that, Suffragette, Emily Davison ran onto the racecourse at the Epsom Derby to attempt to place two ‘Vote For Women’ flags onto the king’s horse.  Only to be struck down by a horse and jockey and passing away 2 days later.  Her purpose and drive is what led us to where we are today and we should stand together, shoulder to shoulder and be proud of our accomplishments as women.  

suffragette emily davisonvotes for women

I am proud to share my journey, my lows and my highs that got me to the dizzy heights of being the UK’s ‘£6 Million mum’ and I am prouder still to share it on such an important day.

I hope to inspire and transform your lives through my Keynote and I look forward to seeing as many of my friends, family and colleagues aswel as new faces and future friends at Saturday’s event.

Gail Reynolds Mentoring Moments

              Gail Reynolds Mentoring Moments

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